About KushMapper

KushMapper is a cannabis locating company.  It is our goal to help you locate cannabis. Whether it is through a dispensary or online delivery service we aim to make the process of finding and purchasing cannabis as easy as possible.

Cannabis Locating Company

Our Vision


Founded in 2020 KushMapper seeks to provide cannabis consumers with safe, legal access to cannabis dispensaries. Whether a dispensary is a traditional brick and mortar store or primarily online we will list them on our site. We are working tirelessly to provide consumers with the most comprehensive platform in the cannabis market.

Whether you want to find cannabis based on your location, a certain strand, or a particular brand/grower we have compiled all the information needed in this centralized location. Find the cannabis you want and need has never been easier with KushMapper!

KushMapper operates across all of Canada! We have located every reputable dispensary in the country and are always expanding our list as new shops/online stores begin to open. Browse weed delivery and online dispensaries across Canada using KushMapper.

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