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Submit your business for approval. Once your application is reviewed we will generate a listing for your marijuana dispensary or delivery service. The listing will then be visible to the public and identified as a reputable source for marijuana products.

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Use our site to connect with multiple dispensaries. Browse through lists of brick and mortar stores, or online retailers to find your favorite products from a reputable source.

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Benefit your business today and join KushMapper! Submit your dispensary or delivery service for listing approval. Once approved enjoy the benefits of national exposure and earn reputation for being a retailer of quality marijuana products.

Buy Weed Online Fast & Easy in Canada

As of October 17, 2018, it is now legal to purchase weed online in Canada. This is a huge step forward for the country, and it opens up a lot of new opportunities for cannabis consumers. However, there are still some things that you need to know before you start buying weed online. Always trust a reputable dispensary or weed delivery service. We suggest using a platform like KushMapper to connect you with verified dispensaries that are safe to order from. KushMapper makes buying weed online easy and quick to do. Get weed delivered to your door in the mail fast with dependable delivery services from dispensaries across Canada. Order mail order weed from the comfort of your own home and pay by e transfer.

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