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About 45,000 people live in the Northwest Territories, which is located above British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. While the territory is larger than most countries, it is home to some of Canada’s oldest and most diverse cultures, despite its small population. The land, like all other provinces and territories, has people who can buy marijuana — but not as many. The way the Northwest Territories manages weed sales necessitates the use of mail-order weed businesses, and KushMapper is ready to help!

Cannabis Rules & Laws in Northwest Territories

In the Northwest Territories, you must be 19 years old to buy or possess cannabis. Smoking will be permitted in most venues where tobacco smoking and vaping are permitted. Private land, paths, highways, streets, and public parks are all permitted unless they are hosting public activities. As part of lease agreements, landlords have the option of making rental units smoke-free. In addition to the federal government’s increased drug-impaired driving regulations, the Northwest Territories implemented a “zero-tolerance” policy for drivers under the age of 21 and commercial drivers who have any measurable levels of marijuana or alcohol in their system.

Weed Delivery Services
Online in Northwest Territories

The Northwest Territories has the second-lowest cannabis consumption per capita, after only Nunavut to the east. In addition, consumers pay some of the highest costs in the country. Residents of the territory spent $1.21 million for cannabis through NWT government outlets between July and September 2020, the most of it on dry bud. It demonstrates an increasing interest in cannabis, while COVID-19 regulations may have inflated sales estimates. Regardless, a larger proportion of the population is engaging with cannabis! The introduction of accessible cannabis was slow at first. Only a few liquor stores in Yellowknife’s capital, as well as Hay River, Inuvik, Fort Smith, Norman Wells, and Fort Simpson, sold any cannabis.

Why is Northwest Territories Good For Ordering Cannabis?

The diverse cultures of the Indigenous people in the Northwest Territory are the enduring heart of this area of the country. The primary Indigenous tribes are the Dene, Inuvialuit, and Métis, who speak 11 official languages and have diverse cultural traditions. They can teach us a lot about the land here! The Northwest Territories is recognised for its remoteness, and visitors should make a point of getting a close-up (and truly epic) perspective of the area. Whether you want to paddle its many lakes and rivers or camp in one of the many parks, you will have a memorable time. Customers should be aware that orders sent through Canada Post’s Xpresspost service to the Northwest Territories may take several days longer to arrive due to the remote location.

Places To Go In Northwest Territories

There are few spots in the world, let alone the country, where you can see the Aurora Borealis like this (the Northern Lights). You can also catch some monster fish with some of the best fishing in the country; target species include Arctic Grayling, Pike, Trout, and Char. Fly fishing, ice fishing, or casting your line from the shore are all options! You can hunt, fish, or scavenge for food at any time of year, allowing you to sample Northern delicacies over the fire or at a community feast! If you’re traveling there, be aware that your cannabis options may be limited, especially if you’re not visiting any of the communities mentioned previously in this post. On KushMapper, you can find weed delivery in your area. 

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