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Why Order Cannabis Online?

Are you on the fence about ordering your favourite cannabis products online? It’s not only for people who want to buy legal cannabis but don’t have access to physical dispensaries (though it’s excellent for them, too!).  Purchasing through a trusted online dispensary gives you more access to a wider variety of safe, well-made products. You’re

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Medical smoking

How Medical Marijuana Works

In Canada, the new regulations in the 2018 Cannabis Act replaced the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR). The ACMPR once governed how patients could access cannabis for medicinal reasons. How does it work now? The information on this page should be used as a guide and should not be considered medical or

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How KushMapper Is The New WeedMaps!

Looking at some dispensary indexes, you’d never know the number of cannabis retailer choices Canadians have in their communities. Canadians should have access to every option available to them, and that’s what KushMapper aims to do. But why is KushMapper the new WeedMaps? Here’s the full rundown of why established and rising cannabis providers can turn

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Find Weed Nearby Using KushMapper

Canadians are lucky to be overwhelmed with weed-buying options. However, plugging “where to buy weed” into a search engine will likely give you incomplete results. The selections can range from recreational dispensaries to medicinal sources to delivery services, but the best fit for you might not even have a profile on Google.  Buying weed this

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Weed Delivery Box

Reasons Why You Should Buy Weed Online

Weed has never been easier for consumers to find, and Canadians have the option of shopping online as well as at physical dispensaries. The legalization of online cannabis sales means consumers can trust the supplier, but why should they be buying weed online? Here are five reasons why purchasing through a dispensary website is a

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What Are The Benefits Of Smoking Weed With A Hookah?

A hookah is a water pipe traditionally used to smoke a combination of dry tobacco and flavouring called shisha. However, you can use any dried tobacco or weed, and for decades, cannabis enthusiasts have been turning to the hookah to enjoy their favourite strains.

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KushMapper City Focus: Featured Weed Delivery Businesses In London

KushMapper is your best stop for finding a delivery service in your community. In this edition of City Focus, we’re featuring small dispensaries serving London, Ontario. Each weed delivery business on our Featured list offers unique products and incentives, but one thing’s for sure – you can expect excellent service from any of these options!

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Four Trending KushMapper London Dispensaries

The London cannabis scene is booming. New companies are always bursting onto the scene, providing unique experiences and products for this city’s expanding customer base. It’s created a vibrant, diverse market, and we’re excited for Londoners to learn more about the great dispensaries! If you’re looking for a great experience, here are four KushMapper London

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5 Trending Weed Strains At The Beginning Of 2021

Do you need something new in your stash box? Try some of the strains that have taken 2021 by storm. In the list below, you’ll find not just fun, relaxing highs, but a wide swathe of tastes and aromas. Here are five weeds that could make a bad year a little better!

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