Four Trending KushMapper London Dispensaries

The London cannabis scene is booming. New companies are always bursting onto the scene, providing unique experiences and products for this city’s expanding customer base. It’s created a vibrant, diverse market, and we’re excited for Londoners to learn more about the great dispensaries!

If you’re looking for a great experience, here are four KushMapper London dispensaries currently trending among consumers and why you should give them a shot.


Blueberrygas 450x600 1GG4 is an online shop that sets itself apart with some cool benefits for customers. They provide consumers with some of the best edibles, concentrates, strains, CBD products, and tinctures. Their mission is simple: create a place for people to order high-quality marijuana without facing any issues.

They have a flexible system of discounts and supplement every order with bonuses. GG4 also has interesting regular promotions, offers that let users buy marijuana at a great price. You can choose any delivery method convenient for you or pick up the order yourself.

One Plant Masonville

As the popularity of weed and cannabis products grows, more people are looking to enjoy products in a way that makes them feel comfortable. One recent addition to the London cannabusiness scene, One Plant Masonville, is looking to accommodate those who may feel intimidated by dispensaries and the massive menus in front of them.

The One Plant team is creating an educational and inviting retail atmosphere. It’s where people can learn about and purchase cannabis products in comfort, with help finding the products that are right for their needs. After all, when it comes to enjoying cannabis to the fullest, knowledge is key!


Icy Nugz

lemoncheesecake 450x600 1Icy Nugz is a brand for the cannabis connoisseur. They provide a menu made up of some of the highest-quality products on the market, taking great pride in the careful selection of their offerings. What has them trending these days are the passion they bring to the customer’s shopping experience.

Icy Nugz cares a lot about the quality of everything that crosses their countertops. Their flowers are free of stems and leaves (excluding sugar leaves), and they make sure that the buds are free of pesticides and mould that could harsh your experience. They also care about the customer – Icy Nugz offers discrete cannabis delivery service to customers in London!


Fire & Flower Cannabis Co.

Fire & Flower Cannabis Co. isn’t content with simply providing an array of dried bud, edibles, and extracts – they want users to get the best total experience possible. It’s a company that made waves out west, and now, they’re in London to live up to the reputation that preceded them.

The Fire & Flower team thoughtfully handpicks each strain and accessory to maximize the customer’s experience. Their “Cannistas” share great insights to improve your enjoyment, as well as easy-to-follow advice and as much or as little education as you want. All this goes into making your purchase simple, snappy, and smart!

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