How KushMapper Is The New WeedMaps!

Looking at some dispensary indexes, you’d never know the number of cannabis retailer choices Canadians have in their communities. Canadians should have access to every option available to them, and that’s what KushMapper aims to do. But why is KushMapper the new WeedMaps? Here’s the full rundown of why established and rising cannabis providers can turn to our listing service for the most comprehensive promotions.

KushMapper Is By Canadians, For Canadians

cannabis bud flower canada minThe KushMapper listing service lets any weed dispensary and delivery service set up a profile and promote their products, sales, and special offers. Weedmaps, on the other hand, only allows dispensaries that are government-certified. 

We’re also a Canadian company with firm roots in the communities we serve; WeedMaps is a tech company based in Orange County. They have to demand a registration number because of past controversies in their home state. KushMapper, on the other hand, is a listing service of Canadian companies, by Canadian weed enthusiasts and for Canadian consumers!

It’s how we’re giving access to more and more cannabis consumers. Not everyone is looking for recreational weed: some need it for therapeutic and medicinal reasons, or they want to buy it but can’t leave the home (a big issue during the current pandemic). 

But even if all they want is to enjoy a little THC at home with discretion, weed consumers should be able to see who delivers when and where, as well as the best prices. We’re trying to revolutionize the process for everyone!


Complete Browsing Functions By Community

Not only has KushMapper made it easy for Canadian cannabis companies, but we’ve also made it easy for their customers! They can browse the wide selection of weed delivery companies in their area, see what brick-and-mortar stores are near them, and learn who can ship to them. 

We’ve designed a weed delivery directory that gives customers across the country the ability to locate service providers who are open and closest to them. If you’re a customer, it’s easy to find the one you want, because you can browse their products, too!


Take Control Of Your Dispensary Listing!

 cbd oil toronto shop minFor dispensary and delivery service owners, your listing is an effective way to reach new customers. It’s why KushMappers lets you control it to an unrivaled degree. On your profile, list the products you have in stock, business information, and where you can be found in the city or region you service. Questions? View our FAQ page or reach out to us today!

Cannabis is legal, and KushMapper firmly believes that Canadians should be able to reach all their options. If you’re a cannabis connoisseur, browse through our comprehensive directories and find the edibles, bud, extracts, and CBD products you want. If you’re a dispensary or delivery service, create your profile and reach these customers today!

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