AAAA Special Mr. Clean

$25.00 per 1/8 oz


Flower - Hybrid

Mr. Clean is a slightly sativa dominant hybrid strain (60% sativa/40% indica) created through crossing the powerful Lime Skunk X The Cube
strains. Named for its ability to “clean out” any negative moods or
vibes, Mr. Clean is the perfect bud for any hybrid lover who likes a
sativa lean to their bud. You’ll feel lifted and energized almost as
soon as you exhale, getting you up and moving off the couch before you
know it. An influx of creativity and focus accompanies this energizing
state, getting you moving on your to-do list with ease. A light tingle
in your body accents this heady lift, giving your limbs the energy that
they need to get up and go for a walk outside or simply jump on your
household chores. Combined with its moderate 12-27% THC level, these
effects give Mr. Clean an edge in treating depression, chronic fatigue,
nausea or appetite loss, chronic pain and chronic stress. This bud has a
sweet and sour lemon lime flavor with a slightly skunky and savory
exhale. The aroma is very sour and pungent with a skunky overtone that’s
accented by sharp lemon and lime. Mr. Clean buds have rounded
grape-shaped minty green nugs with purple undertones, lots of orange
hairs and a coating of tiny white crystal trichomes.


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