Why Should You Sign Up Your Dispensary With KushMapper?

As a cannabis retailer or dispensary, expanding your reach means making online marketing a part of your business. If you are not sure what you’re doing, this can be a costly, time-consuming process. You should have access to a resource that makes it easy for customers to find you – and this is just one reason why you should sign up your dispensary with KushMapper!

KushMapper gives local audiences more information about the brick-and-mortar stores that list, provides more immediate search return results, and, if you’re shipping across the country, we take you to a national customer base!

KushMapper Gives Your Local Audience More Information

Does your dispensary do delivery services? Are you stocked up on a much-sought-after strain? Let them know on KushMapper, a website that acts as a one-stop-shop for all their needs. On our listing service, customers can find:

  • Locationkushmapper nice marijuana blog body
  • Store hours
  • Strain menus and products
  • Photos and videos
  • Delivery options, including local and shipping
  • Reviews
  • Special deals

You have easy access to what goes on your profile, meaning no customer will be misinformed with out-of-date information.


The Results Are More Immediate Than Your Dispensary’s Website

One of the choices your dispensary has to make is whether to launch a website. For brand new dispensaries, it might be a good idea to consider using both an online directory and a website. A cannabis directory like KushMapper will attract a larger crowd for you because that’s where a lot of consumers – whether they’re new to cannabis or old school users – are looking! 

Growing for a dispensaryWe even point people to your website for more information exclusive to your dispensary. A website for your business, especially if you have recently launched it, will not get web traffic immediately. Building an audience takes time, and even the best Google Business profiles and search engine optimization (SEO) practices don’t deliver meaningful traffic conversions until after a few months. KushMapper gives your online business the boost it needs to stay visible!

Many dispensaries face choosing to list on an online directory or building a website, but with KushMapper, it doesn’t have to be an either/or decision! For any dispensary, the hybrid approach can reach the most customers.


KushMapper Takes You Nation-Wide

While cannabis is a regulated product with specific delivery requirements, licensed sellers can ship it and any related products to adults of legal age. Offering nationwide delivery is a great way to increase profits and reach more people with unique strains and products! Even though legal cannabis has been with us for more than two years now, the opportunities are still ripe for the taking – after all, we’re still in the seedling phase of the market! 

Get on board with KushMapper and get a competitive advantage in market areas in your community and beyond!

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