Agent Orange

Despite being named after the iconic chemical, the Agent Orange marijuana strain is thankfully not hazardous. In fact, it has been favoured for its cheerful and euphoric high, which can be known to cause a round of the giggles. Agent Orange is a 75/25 Sativa-dominant hybrid recognized for its spicy orange flavour and powerful Sativa effects. Agent Orange weed was engineered by TGA Genetics, and is a beautiful blend of Jack the Ripper and Orange Velvet (a well-known strain with a smooth, citrusy intensity). Taking inspiration from the later parent, this citrusy strain was designed to be as close to the flavor, aroma, and appeal of a fresh orange as possible. The average THC level is around 15%, making this strain perfect for everyday work-from-home life or a casual wake and bake.




Agent Orange cannabis, bred as a hybrid with heavy sativa ingredients, provides an intriguing blend of self-motivating sativa qualities with a delightful hint of the classic soothing indica effects. Agent Orange marijuana is a terrific daytime strain to spark up just as you are starting your day, thanks to its unique blend and fresh, vibrant flavour. It is mostly used in this manner by those suffering from mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression, but it can also be used as a light pain therapy due to its relaxing and therapeutic properties.


The fragrance of, well, oranges, will be the first thing you notice when you get a whiff of some Agent Orange bud. But not fake, artificial fruit, far from it actually. This stuff is the real deal! The delectable citrus combination of lemon and orange is a pleasure to behold, and the genuine smell of oranges can range from overt sweetness to the sour depth that comes from a tiny tangerine. The Agent Orange weed strain smells similar to what you’d expect a fresh orange to smell like – even with the pungency of the citrus oils that compliment it.

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