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Chemdawg, sometimes known as “Chemdog,” is a hybrid marijuana strain that has gained notoriety for itself over the years. Chemdog has practically cemented a permanent spot in the cannabis hall of fame due to its unknown origin, unclear genetics, and multitude of successful crosses the variety has created.




Chemdawg, whatever its origins, has become a cannabis market classic in the United States due to its distinct flavour and happy, energetic high. It’s THC percentage has been measured between 17-20%, making this strain a solid one all around. Chemdawg’s high comes on rapidly, sometimes before consumers have had a chance to fully appreciate its characteristic diesel aroma (hence “chem” in the name). Smokers will immediately feel their senses and surroundings sharpen and in the right setting, this first unsettling head high becomes much more productively intellectual and introspective; Chemdawg lends itself well to passionate and engaging conversation. Others however, say that Chemdawg gives them more of a relaxed and sleepy feeling, indicating there may be more indica properties than originally thought.


The fragrant buds also emit earthy fragrance and a hint of pine. As long as the flowers are properly matured, this strain produces pleasant smoke with a sour taste when smoked. Chemdawg’s smoke reveals its trademark diesel flavour on the exhale, with an ammonia-like acidity that strikes the tip of the tongue. You’ll be able to sniff out this strain from across the room.

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