Ice Queen

Ice Queen is a Sativa hybrid that was created by crossing the tasty Cinderella 99 with the infamous 1995 Cannabis Cup champion and perennial favourite White Widow. This strain is a stimulating option for daytime use, with a high trichome count and THC content ranging from 18 to 23%.

About Ice Queen


The high from Ice Queen is initially fully head-focused, with pressure around the eyes and temples. This strain induces a strong cerebral focus, making it suitable for those who struggle to find drive for creative or even monotonous work. Creativity coexists happily with a broad feeling of euphoria. As you come down from the peak, many report a more indica-like body melt – while you may not suffer total couchlock, sleep may come more readily. Ice Queen fans appreciate the strain’s no-hassle, well-balanced high. It is popular among authors and artists who smoke to boost their creativity. Ice Queen is a potent strain that should be avoided by beginners owing to its potentially high THC level.

Ice Queen`s buds range in color. The cured flowers have large leaves with an airy, fluffy texture typical of purer Sativa. Most notably, buds have inherited the heavy resin output of their White Widow parent, a dusting of trichomes coats the exterior, making this strain sticky enough to merit the use of a grinder. The predominant scent is a sweet herb with a slight hint of lavender. The cannabis buds have a more peppery scent, reminiscent of hashish when cracked open. The smoke becomes exceptionally smooth when inhaled, and the spicy herb flavour creeps out on the exhale.

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