Kashmir Kush

By the Guru Seeds Company, Kashmir Kush checks off all of those boxes and then some. They’ve crossed Purple Pig with Barney’s Feminized Vanilla Kush for an excellent combination. New cannabis users may want to steer clear of this bud as it tends to be relatively strong, with a high of at least 23% THC on average. This is not surprising as the buds are massive and dense and are entirely covered with trichomes in shades of red and gold. Depending on who you ask, Kashmir Kush brings a variety of flavors to the experience, but the most notable flavors tend to be lemon, vanilla, orange, earth, and coffee.

All About Kashmir Kush

Kashmir Kush is one of the strains that can vary considerably from person to person, depending on the individual. With its powerful THC potency and the best of Sativa and Indica genetics, Kashmir Kush is often a reliable choice for medical cannabis users. This strain helps treat the symptoms of insomnia, pain, and other health conditions.

Kashmir Kush is a genuinely exceptional plant, so it’s no wonder this strain has the same name as an utterly gorgeous one. Approach this bud as a bit of adventure; choose your adventure, see which flavors stand out most for you, and experience the combination of effects it brings.

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