Lemon Jack

Lemon Jack is a blend of Lemon Kush and Jack Herer. It is not always the case that world-class breeds develop extraordinary descendants. However, this is very much the case with this strain, also commonly known as Lemon Herer. Lemon Jack, with THC levels ranging from 13% to 18%, let’s consumers to get stoned while still going about their business. It’s also a 70/30 blend of sativa and indica that’s perfect for energizing daytime highs.




Lemon Jack is well-known for offering a burst of energy almost immediately, and it frequently substitutes people’s daily cup or two of coffee. This productivity increase is accompanied by a pleasant and cheery sensation that works wonders in social circumstances and may induce you to have a case of the giggles. Unlike caffeine, however, this cannabis strain will not create jitters or a quick energy collapse. The high does eventually make its way to the body and may produce mild sedation in inexperienced users. It is, however, nothing that experienced users couldn’t handle. Lemon Jack isn’t only for fun and games; it’s also useful for treating a range of diseases and conditions. Those suffering from fatigue will like it’s perky high, while those suffering from stress or general pain will enjoy this strain. Users who suffer from anxiety may discover that their episodes are heightened rather than soothed, thus it is recommended to avoid this sativa strain.


It’s all about the revitalizing citrus smell with Lemon Jack. The scent of lemon stays in the air when you take the bud out of the bag, grind them or light your joints. The strain, on the other hand, has undertones of spice, vanilla, and pine. When you smoke Lemon Jack, lemon once again dominates the senses. It has a sweet lemon flavour rather than a sour one, yet hints of pine, spice, and vanilla remain. These scents may be detected on the exhale, but it is citrus that remains on the tongue.

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