Purple Cheese

Purple Cheese is a cross of Blue Cheese, Lowryder, and Purple No. 1. Auto Seeds designed this well-balanced hybrid with crazy high CBD levels, usually coming it at around 4%. The breeders aimed to create a strain that offered that classic cheesy goodness but didn’t overwhelm users. Purple Cheese’s THC level has been estimated to be between 12% and 22%. Don’t be thrown off by its unusual name; Purple Cheese is a strong strain that is a MUST TRY for indica fans, despite it’s even 50/50 indica-sativa split. If you’re concerned about discretion, be aware that the cheesy strains come with a rather fragrant smoke.




We can assure you that Auto Seeds has a complete success with this dreamy strain. The end product is a truly magnificent strain that gives users a sense of well-being. You may have to wait a few minutes, but once the effects start, you will realize within seconds. Users frequently report a minor rise in energy levels and a general sense of well-being. Purple Cheese is an amazing strain to smoke with friends and will help a great deal with your sociability. The body high eventually takes over, and you may need to ease up a little. These effects, in general, do not cause sedation. However, much like many strains with indica leaning side effects, smoking too much may cause your couch to look reeeally comfortable. Purple Cheese’s pleasant sedative can be useful for medicinal cannabis patients in a variety of ways. It’s ability to reduce brain clutter can have a short-term beneficial effect on stress, depression, and anxiety. It’s also great for people dealing with insomnia.


With a name like Purple Cheese, you can assume what to expect. However, many consumers are astonished by how pleasant the aroma is. Of course it has a cheesy scent, but it is enhanced by a mix of sweet grape and nature that blend beautifully with the cheesiness. When the buds are ground, you may notice hints of herbs and earth. When Purple Cheese is burned, all of these clashing, pungent flavours combine to form a bitter smoke. On the exhale, this strong smoke may have a slightly sour grape flavour.

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