Stevie Wonder

The Stevie Wonder strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a remarkable 90/10 sativa split. Blueberry, Sensi Star, Trainwreck, and Bubba Kush were crossed to create this strain. Bodhi Seeds called their magnificent product Stevie Wonder after the renowned artist who overcome difficulties to bring joy to millions of people via his music. Stevie Wonder has a musky, rich flavour profile that is similar to that of perennial favourite Jack Herer, in addition to a totally well-balanced high. Stevie Wonder’s THC concentration has been estimated to be between 16 and 24%.




You will initially experience a strong cerebral high, beginning with a buzz around your forehead and eyes. The pressure gradually mounts, and within minutes, you are overcome with bliss.  You can usually expect a clear-headed high that enhances your mood and sometimes increases your appetite. Nonetheless, as the good times roll, you’ll find yourself with a big smile on your face. You will most likely feel quite relaxed after several hours of enjoyment. However, unless you overindulge, there is little risk of drowsiness.  Most users report that they keep a clear mind, though there will be a chance of getting the munchies at the end of the high. The Stevie Wonder strain is advised for late afternoon to nighttime use due to its gentle, taper down in energy.


The Stevie Wonder strain has that traditional marijuana smell. The musky, flowery fragrance that is guaranteed to delight seasoned users can be smelled straight from the bag. When you ignite the buds, you will most likely detect an orange and citrusy odour. When you smoke Stevie Wonder, you will most likely detect a woody flavour that is accented by orange and grape undertones. You’ll happily return for more once you’ve gotten acclimated to the initial intensity of the flavour.

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