Walter White

Walter White is a strong sativa-dominant hybrid that is nowhere near as scary or intimidating as its fictional namesake. Walter White, developed by the UK-based Mephisto Genetics, is an attempt to improve on The White’s high resin production by crossing it with an unnamed sativa. As a result, you get a delectable bud with buzzy, head-strong effects. THC levels have been measured to range between 15% and 21%.


About Walter White


Walter White, like many other potent sativas, hits hard and fast, putting pressure on the eyes and temples. Many smokers also experience a flushing of the cheeks and an increase in salivation. Very quickly though, these odd sensations morph into an upbeat and active mental stimulation. Thoughts may flow freely, almost monologue like, and may occupy more of the consumer’s attention than they otherwise might. Such unaltered focus makes this strain a good way to accomplish a mountain of work, whether you’re executing complex analytical tasks or simply running some errands. Walter White can also help to lift cognitive barriers, allowing for more creativity in any freewheeling, open-ended activities.

Fortunately, the stimulation from this flower is more grounded and peaceful than that of many other sativas, allowing users to carry on clear discussions and go about their daily routines as usual. Walter White may be particularly loved in social circumstances where it can break the ice, sparking conversations and camaraderie among like-minded people. While the high’s later half includes a mild physical relaxation, it is not powerful enough to couchlock smokers or derail their built-up motivation. As a result, Walter White works best as a wake-and-bake treat or an afternoon pick-me-up. It is likely to keep consumers awake if used before going to bed.


Walter White’s weed flowers have a damp, earthy aroma when properly cured. On closer examination, there are also some citrusy overtones. Meanwhile, the aroma of fresh pine is released by grinding up the nebulous buds. Walter White emits a thick, bitter smoke when used in a pipe or a joint. On the exhale, this smoke tastes like a blend of pine and citrus, and it has a smooth texture. Smokers who want to keep their bud a secret should be aware that it can produce a highly pungent smoke; some odour control steps may be required.

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