Wedding Crasher

Wedding Crasher is derived from purple punch and wedding cake varieties, giving it a unique blend of fruity grapes and vanilla cakes. Intensities vary from plant to plant, but Wedding Crashers tend to be Sativa-dominated (70/30), with an average THC level of about 17%. Wedding Crasher comes from the Symbiotic Genetics people, known for their sweet and fruity strains.


All About Wedding Crasher

The name is believed to be derived from the fact that it has a sublime sound that is reminiscent of the flavor of vanilla cake that remains after using the wedding crasher. Splitting the buds emits a scented plume of a skunk with fuel hints. Below that, sweet vanilla exhales almost spicy and gives a hint of the flavor of the strain. Terpene Profile & #40; BetaCaryophyllene, AlphaHumulene, Limonene & # 41; Produces these flavors to combine to create an approach to the wedding cake: grapes with a spicy finish and sweet vanilla. As the name implies, Wedding Crasher High relaxes your tongue as you deepen conversations with family and friends. You fly with happiness and unlimited motivation, focus on creative tasks and be ready to explode with new ideas. For those looking for creative clarity and a great deal of energy, Wedding Crasher can be replaced by running, motivating nervous thinking, speaking, and speaking more. Reducing inflammation is also a commonly reported effect.

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