White Haze

White Haze is a resinous Sativa-dominated hybrid that combines mental clarity with slow-burning physical relaxation. Developed by Amsterdam-based breeder Dutch WhiteLabel Seed Company, this bud could be an apparent phenotype of the significant Haze strain. The complex scent of White Haze and the soothing multi-layered height impressed consumers and was awarded the title of Best Sativa at the 2002 High Times Cannabis Cup. Her THC content is measured between 14% and 19%.


All About White Haze


White haze buds tend to be small and rocky when trimmed. These tiny nuggets stick together in a popcorn-like shape, representing a Sativa-like bud structure. The leaves themselves are pretty large and have a bright shade of spruce—finally, a thick coat of sticky white trichomes, which gives this strain its name.

The most unmistakable scent that rises from the white Haze buds is the scent of lemon. The second puff shows a sour and funky undertone. In the meantime, crushing these little buds will release soil and pine notes. White Haze emits smooth, easy-to-drink smoke when burned with pipes and joints. This smoke has a woody taste and a citrus aroma when exhaling.

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