White Widow

White Widow, a balanced hybrid first cultivated in the Netherlands by Green House Seeds, is one of the most well-known strains in the world. As well as it’s potent stimulating properties, White Widow is famous for it’s incredible resin production. This delectable mix of Brazilian indica and South Indian sativa landraces has quickly risen through the ranks, winning an early High Times Cannabis Cup in 1995 as well as other awards since its debut.




A huge burst of exhilaration and energy hits quickly after taking a hit of this dazzling strain, enhancing both conversation and creativity. Enthusiasts also report an almost immediate mood rise, as well as increased energy and attention, which may be applied to either menial duties like cleaning or more difficult problem-solving processes. Because of its profoundly cerebral effects, this strain is usually more beneficial psychologically than physically. It can help those with attention deficit disorders maintain their focus on a single topic, and can also give you a burst of energy if you’re tired or depressed. Some people have also reported that White Widow is effective in relieving migraines and headaches. This strain has an average THC composition of 20%, occasionally going a bit higher.


White Widow is recognized for its stinging, ammonia-like fragrance with earthy pine undertones. Its buds are white with crystal resin, foreshadowing the powerful effects to come. White Widow’s buds are hefty, conical, and tapering. When buds are broken open, they emit a more hashy, incense-like odour. The flowers’ bud structure is more sativa than indica, with a loose and fluffy texture that, despite its stickiness, can be split up rather readily. The leaves are a bright spring green, with only a few visible pistils.

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