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What Are Terp Pearls and How to Use Them

If you’re like most cannabis consumers, then you’re always on the lookout for new and innovative products. Small quartz, borosilicate, or other material balls are put inside a banger to help with dabbing. Terp pearls, also known as “banger beads” or “dab beads,” rotate all around the bottom of the banger while dabbing to evenly distribute concentrate and heat, resulting in consistent dabs and assisting in flavour enhancement. Let’s talk about the benefits of terp pearls and how to use them with your dab rig.

Why should I try Terp Pearls?

dab concentrate 1The right temperature and heat concentration are essential for an enjoyable dabbing session. Terp pearl use may require some effort, but if you get the hang of it, they are an excellent tool for increasing the effectiveness of your dabs. The concentrate may gather in a banger’s corner without terp pearls. The beads will more equally disperse heat and spread the extract over the banger’s whole surface, causing the concentrate to evaporate more uniformly. Since more terpenes are evaporated at once, this results in larger smoke clouds and more flavour. They are entertaining to use and watch, according to those who have used them.

How do I use Terp Pearls?

marijuana extract Some of the materials used to make terp pearls can tolerate high heat, while others cannot. Before you purchase a pearl, be sure to research how much heat it can withstand.

Drop one or more terp pearls into a cold banger for smokers who can handle extreme heat, then warm the banger to the appropriate temperature. Place the concentrate in the banger once it is ready, then cover it with a carb cap. The terp pearls will swirl around the base of the banger as you inhale vapour. The pearls won’t spin if the carb cap is off, which will prevent the Terp pearls from working.


How To Clean Quartz Balls Effectively

You need to clean your terp pearls after use. Although removing the residue from the banger is a difficult task, it is the first step in cleaning it. The terp pearls’ capacity to spin will be maintained by routine cleaning, and they will always have a new flavour character.

terp pearls

The bottom of the banger and the dab pearls should always be cleaned with a cotton swab. Allowing the dab pearl to cool down, soaking in an ISO solution for thirty minutes, and then cleaning it normally will give it a deeper clean.

4-6 mm spheres of quartz are quite small, making handling them challenging. Make sure you purchase some grabbers for simple and suitable handling.

When using concentrates, terp pearls guarantee their maximal use at lower temperatures. There is less THC or CBD wasted, and the banger contains minimal residue. We always recommend trying terp pearls for your cannabis concentrates! Get the most out of your marijuana extract with terp pearls.

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