What Are The Top 3 Types Of Weed Highs?

Like many weed enthusiasts, we like to highlight the therapeutic and potential wellness benefits of weed. But let’s face it: it’s simply a lot of fun. Toking, vaping, or consuming an edible delivers compounds like terpenes and the active cannabinoids THC and CBD to the body, and they get to work producing the high you know and love.

There’s not one kind of high, though. What you feel with pot depends on the type of strain, your body’s endocannabinoid system (the series of receptors that produce the high), and how you’ve consumed it. Most people turn to weed for relaxing, energizing, and creative highs are the top three effects. These may be tied to the health benefits of cannabis – especially the first one on our list.

The Relaxing High

highThe high most people want from their weed is one that relaxes them. It’s why many people choose Indica strains, as they tend to give the user a chilled-out vibe that brings down their stress levels. The effect may come from the high amounts of CBN and CBD in Indica strains, which can balance the psychoactive effects of THC.

Research even shows that low doses of THC can help people cope with stressful situations. Of course, you should always pick the strain you know won’t cause anxiety, so if one type does this for you more than another, go with what you know. If you’re starting, choosing one with a THC to CBD ratio of 1:1 or 2:1 can help stimulate a euphoric feeling without creating anxiety.

A relaxing high can turn into a couchlock high, which can be a good thing! The sensation of couchlock is perfect for when you want to turn off the outside world. When you’re relaxing with your favourite strain and a great movie, why not stay on the couch?


The Energizing High

It’s not all about winding down, though – weed can be energizing, too! These strains can help the user fight off fatigue, drowsiness, and a lack of drive. Many Sativa strains have higher levels of terpenes known to give the mind a boost, and they can create a rush of enthusiasm that makes it more likely for them to get off the couch.

Energizing Sativa strains are great for fitness enthusiasts who want to get a little more out of their run or workout. Many users prefer a strain with low THC and high CBD content – enough to get a nice, clear-headed high without being too psychoactive. These strains also won’t induce a crash afterwards!


The Creative High

kushmapper sniff joint blog body high imageWhile all the best highs induce some form of euphoria, many people love how cannabis stimulates their creativity. There’s quite a bit of research behind this: cannabis consumption increases cerebral blood flow (CBF) to the frontal lobe, the section of the brain associated with creativity. By stimulating it, cannabis can make this part of the brain more active.

Sativas are considered the best strains to induce creativity, but it depends on the user. Creative types have higher baseline frontal lobe activity and greater frontal increase when performing their tasks. Some artists don’t care what strain they’re using as long as something’s within reach!

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