Cannabis delivery

Why Order Cannabis Online?

Are you on the fence about ordering your favourite cannabis products online? It’s not only for people who want to buy legal cannabis but don’t have access to physical dispensaries (though it’s excellent for them, too!). 

Purchasing through a trusted online dispensary gives you more access to a wider variety of safe, well-made products. You’re also more likely to find great deals!

You Get More Cannabis Options


Kush Mapper – cannabis – blog bodySince legalization in 2018, the legal cannabis market has been maturing across Canada. Now that we have the right to buy almost every kind of cannabis product (not just bud), consumers have so many types, strains, and strengths from which to choose! Extracts, edibles, tinctures, butters, capsules – the list goes on and on. 

However, you might not be able to find what you want at your local dispensary. Online ordering opens this selection up to consumers across their provinces (and from other provinces, too). If your local dispensary doesn’t have an extract in stock, you can find one that does!

It’s one of the many improvements in the regulated cannabis market that have taken place online. The right mix of regulation, competition, and innovation has evolved Canada’s supply chain into one that encourages product quality and development. To get the best access to these developments, you should buy online!


You Have More Access To Cannabis Deals


It’s not just innovation – ordering through the internet can get you the best price possible. Online dispensaries in Canada have become competitive due to the significant increase in competition, and to keep customers, they must offer better product selection at better prices. 

As the consumer, online shopping lets you take advantage of the situation, all from the comfort of your home. You can access almost any strain or product you are looking for, find the best price for it, and shop around to get even better deals. 


You Still Have Instant Access To Customer Service


Kush Mapper – cannabis delivery – blog bodyThe best online dispensaries offer customers access to their teams – including the knowledgeable budtenders behind their products – who can answer most questions you can ask about the cannabis products you are considering. You can still access customer service or an employee to help you via phone or email, but now, some dispensaries offer instant online chat, too!


Ordering Cannabis Online Offers Discretion


Legalization has allowed more consumers to work up the courage to try new products made with THC and CBD. However, if you are one of these new cannabis consumers, you might feel strange walking in and out of brick-and-mortar dispensaries. Even though there’s a lot less judgement about cannabis use, you can still want to enjoy it privately. 

Online cannabis sales give you the discretion you want! Current packaging regulations limit each cannabis container to a non-fluorescent colour that can’t have photos or images beyond a small brand logo. Local deliveries also often come in ordinary-looking cars, so if you order weed online for same-day delivery, your neighbours are none the wiser.

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