How Can A Free KushMapper Listing Help Your Business?

Showing up in local search can be a difference-maker for new dispensaries, delivery services, and other small “cannabusinesses.” A free listing on KushMapper could be just the push you need for your cannabis business – here’s how!

Advertise To Get Ahead 

kushmapperCanada’s cannabis industry is expanding a lot, and even close to three years after legalization, many new customers are trying cannabis products every year. In 2019, for instance, 646,000 cannabis users reported trying cannabis for the first time in the three months of the survey. Consumers who haven’t tried it – or are trying it for the first time in a long time – are unlikely to have the experience and knowledge needed to make the right purchase or search for local options. Even if they’re returning to a joint or edible after years, weed itself has changed a lot! 

Reaching these consumers is why you need to list your business, and this is the purpose of KushMapper: to make cannabis businesses more visible to customers searching for options online. Nowadays, most business at least starts through digital media or online searches. KushMappers helps you leverage the customers that are looking for your brand or business online.


Accurate Business Listings Help Your Website’s SEO

If you’re a new small cannabis business, it’s important to build local citations and mentions of your name, address, and phone number online (also called NAP). The number of mentions influences where your cannabis shop or delivery service will land on local search engine rankings, helping you show up on top when people punch in a query on Google. Creating new listings increases your visibility, how well indexes trust the accuracy of your business information, and the chances of being found by local customers. 

kush mapper raw papers blog bodyGoogle’s algorithms are always checking the accuracy of the information on high-trafficked platforms against the smaller, less recognized business listing sites – and vice versa. If you can control the information and create uniformity across your listings and platforms, Google will have greater confidence that your business meets the needs of its users. The right information in more places can deliver you right to your targeted market!

KushMapper puts the information under your control, and local listings are ideal for cross-promoting on social media platforms. If you unite and attach the information on KushMapper to your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts, your businesses can grow as a brand. 


How KushMapper Makes It Easier For Your Business

Finally, KushMapper helps you because we help consumers. Users of the KushMapper directory can make their choices based on the dispensaries in their area, specific products they want to order, and delivery companies that can reach their homes. Because we list businesses across the country, your business can reach many more consumers. If a strain is of the customer’s liking, they can see which companies deliver the products to your location.

KushMapper can help your cannabis business cut through the noise and get more attention from consumers who matter. Canabusinesses across Canada have seen the advantage our listings give them – join them today.

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