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What’s The Difference Between Weedmaps and KushMapper?

Online listings are essential for cannabis retailers looking to grow their business. Dispensary owners and managers may notice they have a few options; along with KushMapper, one of the largest of these sites is Weedmaps, an American listing company. What separates KushMapper from Weedmaps?

KushMapper Vs. Weedmaps: Cost

Let’s start at the most crucial point for your bottom line: the cost of listing. Weedmaps charges a flat monthly fee to add your marijuana dispensary or delivery service; however, these rates can kushmapper difference between weed blog bodyclimb based on how much information you want to list and whether or not your area is a desirable location. A listing can cost upwards of $1000 in some cities! These restrictions can make it hard for smaller upstart dispensaries to compete with large companies.

KushMapper, on the other hand, is a community-oriented dispensary listing, and right now, we’re offering free listings for cannabis retailers across Canada. Letting them join our listing this way improves a small retailer’s return-on-investment when they are looking to maximize their online image and reach.


KushMapper Vs. Weedmaps: Where Are They?

The biggest difference – and, when considering the future, most consequential – between KushMaps and Weedmaps is the location of each company. While Weedmaps lets users find, review, and rate dispensaries, it’s an American company headquartered in both Denver, Colorado and Irvine, California. This listing service is subject to the whims and uneven regulations of the American marijuana market; because of disparities at a state and federal level, Weedmaps has already seen pressure to make changes to its listings. 

KushMapper, headquartered here in Canada, reflects the Canadian buying experience. As you may have seen in the news, marijuana products are legal here nation-wide! As such, there’s no need to worry about how your dispensary will be affected by politics after you get a license. If you have a store that can do shipping in Canada, KushMapper will give you no concerns about whether or not the authorities will take down your online listing, affecting your customer reach.

A listing with a company in Canada is worth it for the security alone; Weedmaps has already come under fire for listing unlicensed suppliers in heavily-regulated California. 


KushMapper Vs. Weedmaps: Listings

kushmapper difference between plants blog bodyControl over the listings is one of the most important parts of the online experience, and both Weedmaps and KushMapper give dispensaries the ability to customize their listing. The difference between the two companies comes down to where you’ll find their service!

KushMapper is a Canadian company limited to where retail marijuana is illegal. Troubleshooting and ensuring the correct information reflects your listing is a lot easier for local dispensaries with KushMapper. Our company isn’t bogged down with illicit listings and fights over who counts; you’re dealing with a website that is by Canadians for legal Canadian dispensaries. By listing with KushMapper, cannabis consumers within your reach know they’re getting a high-quality product without any hassle!

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