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Health Benefits of Juicing Cannabis

Juicing is a refreshing way to maintain healthy habits. Fruits and vegetables, dairy, and even proteins have become easier to ingest with the booming popularity of at-home juice makers. You may not have considered cannabis juice, but it is a surprisingly smooth way to get the health benefits of cannabinoids without the smoke.


Wait – What? Weed?


kush Mapper – juicing – blog bodyThat’s right! Raw cannabis, specifically, is regarded by some as a superfood on par with spinach or citrus fruit. It’s rich with calcium, vitamin C, and useful fatty acids, and the leaves and hemp are a great source of fibre to boot. Blend it up with similarly textured greens and you’ve got a refreshing and satisfying drink to unwind with on the back porch.

Not only is cannabis juice potentially delicious, it’s outrageously healthy – and sipping is significantly healthier than smoking. Research is ongoing, but it is believed to contribute positively to brain health, and it’s easy enough on the stomach that it often gets prescribed as an anti-nausea aid.


What Pairs Well With Weed Juicing?


The distinct fragrance and bittersweet taste of cannabis are acquired to say the least. You can disguise the flavour by adding complementary ingredients such as kale, celery, lemon juice, or green apples. If plain juice doesn’t sit well with you, try it as an ingredient in a creamy smoothie with plain almond milk as a base. Or hide your cannabis juice within the tart-and-tasty marriage of peach and raspberry. The natural sugars in fruit will sweeten your drink just fine, but agave syrup makes an excellent sweetener as well.

After juicing, consider saving your pulp; boiling it in hot water can extract the last bits of valuable oils your juicer may have missed. Freeze the results to use in future infusing adventures. See, recycling isn’t just good for the environment – it’s good for everyone!


Will Juicing Cannabis Get Me High?


kush Mapper – juicing cannabisJuicing cannabis will not get you high. It is used for medicinal reasons and like a general health supplement. Without the concentrated THC, raw weed leaves are unlikely to produce highs while juicing. Edibles are created using heat or other cannabis extraction processes. Juicing is just one of several ways to enjoy the medicinal effects of cannabis without damaging your lungs.

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