Most Cannabis-Friendly Cities in Canada


Are you looking to take a cannabis-centric vacation in 2022? You might not be able to travel far around the world, but you don’t have to – Canada is home to incredible weed hotspots. Here are four of the most cannabis-friendly cities across our great nation!



kush Mapper – cannabis friendly – blog bodyVancouver is one of the most cannabis-friendly cities in Canada; it had this reputation long before federal legalization. The British Columbia cannabis industry has an estimated $6 billion value and produces 40 percent of all Canadian cannabis. Weed is among the most valuable cash crops in the province. In Vancouver, local authorities tolerated cannabis cafes – where people could consume (but not buy) weed openly – giving the city an exceptional weed culture that was well-prepared for full legalization. 

Vancouver played a crucial role in the popularization of Canadian cannabis. 10% of all the dispensaries in the province are now in Rain City, and people can enjoy their favourite strains in places where they are allowed to smoke cigarettes. 

It helps that Vancouver is a gorgeous city. Enjoy your weed in the serenity of Stanley Park or by the calming waves of English Bay or Sunset Beach. Maybe you’ll spot a killer whale or two!




Traditionally conservative Alberta has wholeheartedly embraced cannabis, with the province offering more options for cannabis delivery and dispensaries than anywhere else in the country. Nowhere is this more obvious than in Calgary. 

Calgary is the home of the Hempfest Cannabis Expo and its incredible Hempfest Cup. This cannabis competition sees amateur growers putting their homegrown bud against each other for feedback, insights on how to improve strains, and the chance to take home top honours for the best weed.

Be wary, though: despite your ability to buy cannabis almost everywhere, publicly smoking your recreational weed is forbidden. Look through the KushMapper listings for a solid delivery service in the city!




kush Mapper – cannabis friendly Toronto – blog bodyNot to give Torontonians more credit than is necessary, but the home of the Leafs, Raptors and Blue Jays is also a city where cannabis has become a part of the DNA. With more than a dozen dispensaries in and around downtown, Trinity Bellwoods Park and the well-named High Park are always flooded with locals enjoying a bit of greenery with their green before digging into the incredible local cuisine.

Toronto is also home to HotBox Cafe in Kensington Market; it’s one of Canada’s only legal consumption lounges and an ideal spot for enjoying weed indoors during our raging winters. If you’re nowhere near this part of the city, you can smoke cannabis in places where smoking is allowed without legal consequences. 




The biggest city in La belle province might look like an outlier – after all, Quebec has earned a reputation as one of the least cannabis-friendly provinces in Canada. However, Montreal is a reprieve from an atmosphere that can feel suffocating to Quebecois cannabis connoisseurs. 

It comes from the history of citizens openly flouting smoking laws; Montrealers enjoyed cannabis almost everywhere in public with impunity well before legalization. It might help that the city is gorgeous – from the top of Mount Royal to the charming Old Port, there’s a lot of scenery to take in!


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