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How To Order Weed In The Mail

Mail order weed / mail order marijuana retailers – also called MOMs – are online dispensaries where you buy weed that is sent through the mail. That doesn’t mean only dried bud! It includes edibles, CBD products, topicals, concentrates, and everything else derived from and related to cannabis. 

How can you order weed on the internet and get it through the mail? It’s as easy as ordering anything else through online retailers, with a few more checks to make sure you’re of legal age. 

How To Order Mail Order Weed (MOM)


orderPurchasing online weed works the same way as shopping for a new pair of shoes or some makeup. You find your shop, browse their products, add them to your cart, and finalize the sale by inputting your payment information. 

There are some regulations around purchasing cannabis online. When you get to the checkout, some checks in place will confirm that you’re over 19 years old with proof (18+ in Alberta and 21+ in Quebec). Once the dispensary has completed its verification, you can finalize the purchase through a secure website that uses SSL encryption and collects online payment for the order.

The retailer will process your order, carefully package the cannabis, and send it via postal mail to your house directly. The shipments will usually come within a few days, depending on which dispensary you purchase the product. Some have multiple locations across Canada, which will help speed up the delivery process.

Because there’s no physical location for you to check out for yourself, consumers who order weed in the mail have to be careful about choosing the right MOM for their needs. 


How Do I Choose Which Dispensary To Order Weed Through The Mail?


orderAlways consider the source before purchasing from any particular website online. Make sure you have all the information you need before deciding where you want to buy your weed. Is the company licensed to sell cannabis? What is the reputation of the brands or product types that they sell? Is the checkout process on their website secure?

Even in Canada, some dispensaries refer to themselves as MOMs and take advantage of the grey zone of online retail legalization. If you’re going to buy online in Canada, make sure it’s from a reputable source, or you could end up losing a lot of money (and possibly your identity). 

The best way to make sure the mail order weed dispensary is legit? Go through our weed directory website. A listing service like KushMapper can steer you in the right direction!


What About Medicinal Weed?


Medical cannabis users can also buy their legal cannabis online; they can do so directly from their licensed producer’s website. As it’s an eligible medical expense, you may need to retain the proof of purchase that can be found online under your account with each Licensed Producer. The order will go out through the mail, and the purchaser will need to show ID to verify their age before receiving the order.

Whether you’re in the market for medicinal or recreational weed, KushMapper makes it easy to find a MOM you can trust. We provide detailed information for every listing, letting you browse for your favourite cannabis products with confidence!


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