Sativa: What Is It? Why Would I Choose It?

The weed you’ll find on the shelves and websites of KushMapper listings falls under three categories: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. There are many differences between these varieties in how they affect the body and mind. What can you expect from Sativa strains, and why would you choose them?

What Is A Sativa Strain? 


sativaBotanically, Sativa plants have many unique characteristics that create a lot of the cannabinoid THC. Sativas tend to produce THC:CBD ratios with higher concentrations of THC – the psychoactive compound of weed – compared to the higher levels of CBD in Indicas.

Sativas come primarily from hot, dry climates with more sun during the day. It’s believed they were suited for growing regions in Southeast Asia, Western Asia, and Africa. The plants are thin, with slender leaves that look like fingers and narrow buds. They also grow tall – taller than 12 feet! As such, they take longer to mature than Indica strains.


Why Would I Choose Sativas? They’re Energizing!


sativaSativa strains are characterized among users by producing an energizing, anxiety-reducing “mind high.” When you smoke or vape one of these strains, you may feel more productive and creative rather than relaxed and lethargic. Many consumers enjoy Sativas to sharpen focus and boost motivation, making them perfect for routine household chores.

It also makes Sativa strains ideal for parties. If you have social anxiety or find it hard to converse with others, you might find it takes a lot of energy to build up the confidence to talk with others. Sativas often have the effect of making people feel more upbeat; when you’re at a gathering, many users find it provides infectious, positive energy.


Sativas May Stimulate Creativity More Than Other Strain Types


A Sativa strain is the ideal choice for artistic types who need a little boost. Many forms of creativity are fueled by motivation, but a lack of energy can halt the creative process. Different Sativa varieties can supplement various creative activities, and when it instigates this mood, you’ll want to run with it!

Much research suggests that the terpenes and cannabinoids that give many Sativas their unique effects may also expand the imagination. Many users report that Sativa strains open up the mind for new thoughts and ideas!


Sativas Are Ideal For Relaxing In The Daytime 


Sativas often impart a stimulating impact with a lower chance of sleepiness, making their use ideal for the daytime rather than before bed. Common effects associated with Sativa strains include feeling happy, uplifting, euphoric, and energetic. Many users also report that Sativa strains can help relieve their stress or anxiety; some research may point to how Sativas regulate serotonin levels in the brain to counteract the effects of mood disorders.

Of course, not all Sativas will energize every consumer. Researchers teach us more about the cannabis plant every day, and the lines between Sativa, Indica, and hybrid are blurring. The chemical compounds unique to every strain – the THC, CBD, other cannabinoids, and terpenes – determine the effects you’ll feel more than whether the cannabis is a “Sativa” or an “Indica.”

Now, many different strains and breeds have Sativa properties! Before purchasing a Sativa strain you’re unfamiliar with, read through the description, read online reviews, and ask the budtender questions.

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