Indica: What Is It? Why Would I Choose It?


The weed you’ll find on the shelves and websites of KushMapper listings falls under three categories: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. There are many differences between these varieties in how they affect the body and mind. What can you expect from Indica strains, and why would you choose them?

What Is An Indica Strain? 


IndicaIn botanical terms, Cannabis indica plants mature much faster than Sativas, helping them grow well in cold climates and parts of the globe with short seasons. It’s believed that Indica was first raised and bred in the mountainous region of Pakistan and Afghanistan – you may know the iconic Hindu Kush mountain range. Indica cannabis plants are typically shorter with broad leaves and denser, more compact buds than their Sativa counterparts. 

Indicas tend to produce a physical high as opposed to a more cerebral high. Most weed consumers expect full-body relaxation, couch lock, and maybe some haziness. While it’s an overly simplistic look at cannabis strains, new customers should expect these effects!

These days, a tendency to crossbreed has virtually eliminated the possibility of encountering pure Indica strains. The way plants are classified today usually means that the plant is predominantly one or the other. So why would you choose an Indica?


Why Would I Choose Indica Strains? They’re Relaxing!


Indica weed is characterized by its sedative effects. Smoking, vaping, or ingesting an edible derived from this kind of strain typically leads to an intense body high. Contrast this with Sativa strains, which many people expect to deliver a more uplifting, headier high.

When taken in large doses, the higher levels of CBD tend to deliver pretty strong sedative effects that bring quick (and sometimes heavy) drowsiness. Because of this, many people turn to Indica strains at nighttime rather than during the day.

All this also means that Indicas probably aren’t ideal strains for creative works or doing your chores. However, when you’re settling in for a night on the couch with your favourite TV show, a good Indica could be just the thing!


Indicas Are Ideal For Medicinal Use


IndicaIndica strains are also an ideal choice for medicinal patients. They have a pretty consistent cannabinoid profile, meaning patients can expect the levels of THC and CBD. More specifically, studies have found that most Indicas have more CBD than Sativas, which can balance the psychoactive effects of THC.

The specific full-spectrum blend of purer Indica strains gives them the benefits of sedation and body numbing. These are ideal side effects for those suffering from sleep and pain issues related to chronic illnesses, cancer treatment, and other medical conditions. 

Indicas are especially good for treating insomnia, especially if the cause of the insomnia is stress, anxiety, or another mental health-related reason. Because Indicas tend to slow the mind down, users may find their anxieties melting away and sleep coming on more readily. Of all the strains out there, Indicas are the best option for those looking to get a better night’s sleep!

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