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Reasons Why You Should Buy Weed Online

Weed has never been easier for consumers to find, and Canadians have the option of shopping online as well as at physical dispensaries. The legalization of online cannabis sales means consumers can trust the supplier, but why should they be buying weed online? Here are five reasons why purchasing through a dispensary website is a great idea.

Convenience & Fast

No matter what you’re buying, most people are looking for convenience in their shopping. Now that this includes weed, cannabis enthusiasts can get their favourites delivered to their front doors without ever leaving the house. You no longer have to deal with the long lines at the store, having to make a last-minute decision, or rush to the stores before they close! Weed delivery is fast and easy.


Tons Of Weed Products

Delivery BagBuying your weed online gives you so many more product options. You can try dried bud in new strains, sure, but you can widen your horizons: edibles, drinks, butter, THC distillates, powders, and more! You also have time to research these products and the strains they come from to learn more before you hit the buy button.

When getting weed from a physical store, you might find that they don’t have the particular form you are looking for available. Even your favourite local dispensary may not have your desired strain, and what if it’s the only shop close to you? Online shopping is a good way for consumers in small communities to find more choices – when a product you want sells out in one shop, you can turn to another.  



It’s Ideal For Medicinal Marijuana Users

Cannabis is a popular remedy for alleviating body pain, nausea, suppressed appetites, and symptoms of degenerative illnesses like arthritis. Weed can also improve sleep, boost one’s mood, and keep mental health conditions, such as anxiety and depression, at bay. For all these reasons, many healthcare professionals recommend cannabis use, and online weed can help patients get the strains they need.

Some medicinal users (e.g. those in cancer treatment who use cannabis to reduce nausea and increase appetite) are immunocompromised. They want to reduce their time in crowds, lines, and physical stores as much as possible, and online stores can do that for them!


Privacy & Delivery Discretion

Kushmapper – weed – blog bodyDespite the legalization of weed, many users still feel some stigma when they want to indulge. It’s especially true among those who didn’t try cannabis products before 2018 but felt some curiosity hit them. Besides, head shops and dispensaries can still feel foreign to many potential users!

Now that all Canadians of age can buy their weed online, they no longer have to feel uncomfortable when the mood for a toke or edible strikes them. No one has to feel like society is judging them anymore.


You Might Be Able To Find Better Prices!

Some online retailers have lower overhead costs than physical stores or those with mixed operations. Brick-and-mortar weed shops have more factors to consider when pricing their weed. The fact that they have many overhead costs such as rent and security may significantly increase the price. Many online dispensaries do free deliveries for purchases of a given limit and offer free products, making it even cheaper to purchase weed.

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