What Are The Benefits Of Smoking Weed With A Hookah?

A hookah is a water pipe traditionally used to smoke a combination of dry tobacco and flavouring called shisha. However, you can use any dried tobacco or weed, and for decades, cannabis enthusiasts have been turning to the hookah to enjoy their favourite strains.

What Is A Hookah?

kushmapper weed hookah blog body 400x600 1Hookah designs come in several forms, though you may know them best as the single stem to multi-stem devices with a water basin that cleanses the smoke before the user inhales it. Hookahs are often made of glass or a combination of wood or metal and generally feature more than one mouthpiece, making them a popular choice among social smokers.

The hookah has been reduced to a pen-sized tool, too! They work on the same principles of a regular hookah combined with a vape – it uses a coil to heat the cannabis until it combusts. This compact device is for one user at a time, but the discretion it offers over more traditional hookahs makes it very popular.


How Do You Use A Hookah?

A pen hookah is something pretty self-explanatory – it’s those massive hookahs that require some setup! Luckily, smoking weed out of one is just like smoking shisha. First, clean the hookah to make sure all you inhale is the smoke, then fill a third of the tank with water. Some users like adding ice to cool it, but cold water will work almost as well on its own. Return the upper piece and the stem by inserting it gently into the vase.

Then check the hose connections. While the hoses allow for plenty of movement without adjusting the base for every user, they can be a weak connection. Before heating any material in the hookah, make sure to check the hose connections.

Fill the bowl with weed, not packing it in too tightly – this can affect the burn rate. Cover the bowl with a screen to seal in the weed, then light the hookah coals on a heat-resistant surface; the coals will be ready when red and not giving off sparks. Carefully transfer the coals onto the screen, trying to as many on without covering the air holes that let air and heat travel. Give the coals a few minutes to do their thing, then inhale.


What Are The Benefits Of Smoking Weed With A Hookah?

kushmapper smoking hookah blog body 400x600 1Smoking weed through a hookah will provide similar effects to other ways of smoking, but because it’s a water pipe, the results are very smooth. With a large device that has several hoses, getting high becomes a communal experience. It’s a great way to enjoy and share your favourite strains with friends.

The experience also gives you the incentive to try something new – shisha mixed with cannabis. Combining the two can add pleasant layers of flavour that will create a unique experience.

Take care, though – a hookah can be a delicate device. Tending to the coals to make sure they are lit and maintained determines the quality of the experience, and you might need several sessions to master this art. However, when you’re able to get back together with friends, enjoying some weed from a hookah will be a great way to celebrate!

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