Afghan Diesel

Afghan Diesel, a citrus-forward strain with a spicy zing, is as enigmatic and exciting as the country from where it originated. This mystifying bud requires you to sit back, enjoy the ride, and ask questions later with unknown breeders and unknown official compositions.
As mentioned above, not much is known about this strain, so the exact ratio of Indica to Sativa is a question to all of us; most are comfortable saying Afghan Diesel is an almost 50/50 split, with a slight edge on the Sativa side. The THC levels also fluctuate considerably, with some sources ranging from an average of 14% to a mind-warping 23%.

The high is intense and euphoric from start to finish, typical of Sativa-dominant strains. The smooth start to your experience may appear modest at first, but it would be a mistake to believe you are not ‘feeling’ anything. Enjoy the slow burn as it begins – the tingles start in the back of your head and spread through your limbs, warming your core and leaving you with a strong sense of comfort. Sweet and tangy fragrances, superb flavor, and a long-lasting cheerful high characterize this hybrid strain. Enjoy it alone or with friends during a wake and bake session in the morning or an afternoon break. Afghan Diesel will get you in a creative mood, so gather your materials and let your imagination flow.
If you like a cheerful high and suffer from mood disorders like depression, anxiety, stress, or anything similar, this is the strain for you. Its extremely energizing effects uplift the spirit while simultaneously relieving aches and pains.

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