Clementine, created by the Crockett Family Farm – the group that brought us chocolate ropes – is a potent Tangie and Lemon Skunk hybrid featuring intense citrus, pine, and evident diesel aromas. Clementine’s concentrated wax formulation won the title of Second Best Sativa Concentrate in the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup. The Cannabis Test Lab Analytical 360 measured samples of Clementine’s THC up to as high as 27%.

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Clementine’s high is rapid to take effect, although it lacks the cognitive intensity of some other Sativa strains. On the other hand, Smokers may feel more observant and attentive to their environment. Smokers may devote their attention to abstract thoughts and engage in creative thinking and problem solving as they taper down from the peak of the high. Clementine also aids with more routine tasks such as running errands or cleaning the house. Physical relaxation and reduced tension can drag users back to Earth when overwhelmed by recursive brain thinking. A classic wake-and-bake strain, Clementine may not be the best flower to smoke just before bedtime, as it can awaken and over-excite users.


Clementine can also bring some psychological benefits to medical cannabis patients. Its powerful mood enhancement can relieve the symptoms of stress and depression and help smokers use energy more carefully and consciously. Its bold concentration also aids those with attention deficit disorder. Clementine may not be a good choice for patients prone to anxiety or who have below-average THC tolerance, as the effects on the brain and body are immediate.


When you break or grind the buds, the smell of gas is immediately apparent. Clementine burns with a smoke that is smooth and fills the lungs quickly. On exhalation, this smoke leaves a slightly chemical taste of the lemon-scented cleanser. Clementine does not have a faint odor, and it gives off a particular pungent spice when burned. Therefore, cautious smokers should take the necessary precautions when smoking indoors.

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