Banana Kush

Banana Kush originates from a long line of Kush strains that have left their impact on the cannabis world, giving this strain a unique and powerful history. Banana Kush cannabis is a potent hybrid that originated on the West Coast and has now risen to become a Top-5 strain in several popular California and Colorado shops, sitting at a 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid. Which, given the crop’s genetic lineage, is maybe not surprising given that it is the offspring of two other major marijuana legends, Ghost OG hybrid and Skunk Haze hybrid. With THC levels as high as 27%, a small amount of Banana Kush flower goes a long, long way.




Banana Kush marijuana tends to attract artistic, creative types who not only collaborate on projects, but also socialise and chat with one another. This is the type of cannabis that takes you further into your own wonderful self-expression while also connecting you to the creative people around you. The interaction of these two characteristics is part of what distinguishes this plant from other marijuana strains. Also, unlike other indica-dominant strains, Banana Kush will not sedate or put you to sleep, but will instead relax your body and mind, bringing clarity, motivation, attention, and focus. While Banana Kush has the potential to help with some physical pains and illnesses, it has a profound impact on the mind, making it an appropriate choice for people suffering from daily stress or a persistent mood disorder.

Banana Kush marijuana has a distinct aroma and flavour that is reminiscent of a new bundle of exotic bananas ready to be plucked for harvest. Aside from its dominant fragrance, the scent of Banana Kush is also filled with notes of other tropical tree fruits, as well as aspects of strong skunkiness (which could be due to the crop’s genetic relation to Skunk Haze).

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