Trainwreck is a cerebral and body buzzing sativa-hybrid strain that is said to be produced in Northern California (a.k.a. the weed capital of America). It is a cross between three powerful and pure landrace strains, including Mexican sativa, Thai sativa, and Afghani indica. These three ancestral titans were dynamically blended, resulting in Trainwreck, which is 65% sativa and 35% indica. Trainwreck, with a THC level of 18-26 percent, is one of the more potent strains on the market, frequently topping lists of “Strongest Cannabis Strains.”




Overall, Trainwreck is known to create effects more in line with a conventional sativa, but it also has a tendency to melt into your body. It finally transforms its high into a sedative and sleep-inducing feeling, once all of the exhilarating and invigorating moments have passed. It’s name is sometimes perceived negatively, yet, contrary to popular belief, Trainwreck will not cause you to lose your mind; quite the opposite, actually! You’ll feel more grounded and aware the deeper you fall into your high. Regular Trainwreck users have not reported feeling out of control or oblivious to their bodies. This plant keeps you calm and will accompany you on a journey within your own mind and body.

Trainwreck’s distinct and instantly recognizable scent and flavour is one of the traits that have helped it become a world-famous strain. The perfume of lemon-lime will overpower you and the room the moment you open your storage jar, but this variety is unlike most other citrus scented strains. The flavour is pleasant, with overtones of menthol and acidic sourness that zaps the taste buds – waking you up with its delightful, pungent taste that hits you with rustic and woodsy notes after the initial assault.

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