Blue Cheese

The Cheese family is a collection of weed strains that were developed in the United Kingdom. The result of a mix between parent plants UK Cheese (hybrid) and Blueberry (indica) was a hearty strain loaded with THC – as well as that classic cheesy scent. Blue Cheese marijuana is classed as indica, with a genetic profile that is around 80% indica and 20% sativa. THC levels in Blue Cheese often reach around 20%, so it’s not the strongest strain ever listed; yet, it packs a tremendous punch – do not underestimate the power of the cheddar.




Blue Cheese marijuana is well-known for its ability to instantly calm anyone who tries this lively strain — prepare to feel uplifted as joy overwhelms your body and mind. The Blue Cheese high is defined by euphoria and complete bliss, making it an ideal evening strain for individuals looking to unwind after a long, taxing day. By the end of the peak, you’ll most likely be experiencing sedative-like, sleepy sensations that will urge you to lay down for a peaceful night’s sleep. Blue Cheese cannabis is a renowned strain for dealing with chronic stress, poor appetite, chronic pain, and restlessness. It offers therapeutic properties that are commonly associated with indica strains.

The interesting aroma and flavour of Blue Cheese cannabis, which is weirdly evocative of, you guessed it… real cheese, is likely the most distinguishing feature of the strain. In reality, the aftertaste is vaguely sour, similar to Parmesan or Gouda. Unlike the scent, the flavour of Blue Cheese is sweeter, with the majority of the sourness escaping during the combustion process. The inhalation is often sweet and pleasant, while the exhale is musky, earthy, and occasionally spicy (but always pungent).

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