Purple Kush

Purple Kush weed is one worth talking about, as it is essentially the spawn of pure genetics amongst a world of tangled and unknown origins. It was bred in what is thought to be Oakland, California from two pure landrace indica strains, Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. In simple terms, this strain is hard to find. Purple Kush is a 100% indica dominant strain and ranges between 17-27% THC content, so no wonder it was named one of the top ten marijuana strains by High Times in 2016.




Purple Kush can turn your life upside down, as it is a contradiction in itself-  thoroughly de-stressing the body while stimulating and activating the brain far beyond the conscious level. Although some users have experienced hallucination-like symptoms after smoking this bud, Purple Kush should not leave you uneasy or paranoid due to it’s great capacity to genuinely release and relax the body. Aside from this overwhelming sense of well-being, the Purple Kush strain can leave you joyful, even giggling, with a heavy onslaught of hunger (snack drawer, here we come!) and even couch-lock, all without making your mind cloudy or muddled. Purple Kush has a killer blend of mental clarity and bodily relaxation that many pure indica strains don’t have, and it always delivers. Purple Kush may be beneficial if you are experiencing nausea, loss of appetite, or insomnia as a result of a more serious condition or for an unrelated reason.

Purple Kush stands out from other indica hybrids due to it’s vibrant colours and delicious taste. When you first lay eyes on this heavenly bud, you’ll be hit with a sweetness comparable to your favourite grape candy, with traces of earthy pungence sprinkled on top. Purple Kush cannabis has a flavour that is comparable to the scent, with a lovely wine-like tang that reminds you of freshly-picked grapes.

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