Ken Estes, one of many famed cannabis farmers and breeders, created this delightfully scented and nostalgically named strain – although nobody’s quite sure when it was first bred. Ken, as many cannabis enthusiasts are aware, has a history of generating high-quality strains. One of Candyland’s parents, Granddaddy Purple, is the most well-known of these highly praised buds. The other parent strain is a Bay Area Platinum Cookies strain, more than likely a sativa dominant variation. Candyland is usually a 70/30 sativa dominant strain, with THC levels ranging between 15-19%.




Candyland’s uplifting, mood-enhancing characteristics make it an excellent choice for both recreational and medicinal cannabis users. It is also a popular choice among cannabis users who want to ‘wake and bake’ due to its stimulating and energizing benefits. The strain is ideal for social gatherings or creative tasks that require your brain to stay busy and engaged. When ingested in high amounts, especially by inexperienced users, the strain can cause anxiety and paranoia, as is expected of powerful sativa strains. Before committing to a whole joint, you might want to sample a hit or two. Many recreational Candyland users claim that the uplifting high is great for stress alleviation. Those suffering from mood disorders such as depression and anxiety may find a temporary break with the Candyland strain.


Candyland’s scent is a blend of sweet, herbal, and spicy scents. Candyland’s distinct and pleasant fragrance is the result of this rich and enticing blend. The name comes from the fact that this strain is well-known for its sweet, candy-like flavour. It also boasts a number of distinct flavours that come to the forefront when smoked. Candyland is a real taste pleasure with it’s sweet, fruity, berry flavour blended with earthy, piney overtones.

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