Black Widow

Black Widow is a sativa-dominant strain with an intriguing – and long – backstory. It was created by a breeder named Shantibaba, also known as Scott Blackey. Long story short, Blackey collaborated with another breeder called Arjan Roskam to create White Widow, which went on to win first place at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1995. Blackey has always claimed to be the creator of White Widow (although Roskam would disagree) however when he left Greenhouse Seeds in 1998, he left his prized creation behind – but not without writing down it’s genetics. As a result, when he and Howard Marks co-founded Mr. Nice Seeds, he released Black Widow, which is thought to be a clone of White Widow under a different alias. We can infer this strain is a hybrid between a Brazilian sativa and a South Indian indica, usually resulting in a 65/35 sativa split and an average of 24% THC. Whew, now with that out of the way, let’s talk getting high.




Although it depends on the traits, Black Widow should offer an exceptionally strong high. Almost immediately, you will experience a buzzing cerebral high that lifts your mood and leads to pure happiness. Users often say there is a fine line between a euphoric, relaxing high and being glued to your seat, so have fun experimenting to find where your line is. If you’re a seasoned pothead, you’ll probably experience a pleasant and focused high, maybe even a boost in creativity. If not, well, I hope your couch is comfortable, because you’ll be there for a bit. Ideally, Black Widow is a nighttime strain, despite it’s sativa genetics. This strain is used quite often to increase appetite as well, so break out the snacks!


Black Widow has that skunky, sweet, classic weed aroma with a clean pine undertone. It is an extremely fragrant flower with a pleasantly fresh perfume that you will love as soon as you crack open the bag. Black Widow tastes exactly how it smells, which is a bonus if you enjoy the great outdoors. All of the fresh fields and pine from the smooth scent, with subtle notes of fruit and berries followed by a nutty aftertaste that delight the tongue.

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