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Cherry Pie

For quite some time, experienced users and those in the industry have been well known of Cherry Pie’s exquisite taste and pleasant effects. While it hasn’t won many prizes, it did come in third place in the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup. Cherry Pie cannabis is a heavily indica (up to 80%) dominant hybrid that is a cross of Durban Poison and Granddaddy Purple, and it provides users with some of the greatest qualities of both parent strains. It is thought to have originated in California, and based on the feedback of those who have tried it, Cherry Pie is a huge hit.




If you enjoy pot and have a sweet tooth, you’ll fall in love with the Cherry Pie strain. This variety has a moderate to powerful THC level, ranging from 13-19%, and is capable of carrying quite a punch. Cherry Pie produces a slow-building high, beginning with a gradual sense of relaxation. After a few minutes, Cherry Pie releases tension in the centre and limbs, allowing for deep, effortless breaths. Users may feel the sensation that any little, short-term problems or stressors have vanished. Visual or auditory cues may take on new intensity as the high advances, and otherwise routine thoughts may become significantly more engaging. The soothing indica base of the strain allows most users to glide through the trip while stimulating creative and analytical work. Cherry Pie is beneficial for activities that require both the body and the mind, such as video games and exercise, as it relies on both sides of the brain.

Those who consume Cherry Pie after are frequently taken aback by the skunky, piney flavour they get from the first hit. You’ll eventually uncover the richness of Cherry Pie, which has a delightful smoked cherry flavour. The sticky and sweet flavour, reminiscent of fresh cherries, lingers on the tongue for hours after the session. Overall, the spiciness may lead newbies to cough, and the flavour is a lot less pie and a lot more cherry!

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