Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit – also known as “Le Fruit Defendu” – is a cannabis strain that may be one of the world’s best hidden (and most delectable) mysteries. Not many know of this juicy strain, and this may be one to gatekeep from your smoking circle.

It’s name truly expresses some of its characteristics, tasting as juicy as predicted with its strongly fruity complements that thoroughly intoxicate the senses. This 70/30 indica hybrid was created by crossing two exceptionally delectable and effect-heavy strains, Cherry Pie and Tangie, to create a well-balanced, delicious nighttime bud, first bred by the Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds company. In other words, Eve might have had the right idea.




THC levels in this potent indica-dominant strain routinely reach 26% or more, providing users with a tremendous high that starts in your head but ends with you fully couch locked and/or sleeping. This nightcap strain rises in the head and neck, spreading to the rest of your body with an almost heavy calm and will almost immediately put you in a dazed state. Though it won’t totally knock you out (right away), this strain is euphoric and uplifting, with the intention of providing you a good night’s sleep.

It is, as the name suggests, fruity, but the levels to this bud add something special. Underneath the fruit are floral and earthy notes, followed by lemony-like citrus moments that merge with something almost nutty, or chestnut-like in flavour. You’ll fall in love with the taste from the first light. To say Forbidden Fruit’s taste profile is complex would be a great minimization, but the way that all the various components merge together is poetic and not at all overpowering.

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