Cookies and Cream

Cookies & Cream is a smooth hybrid (50/50) cannabis strain that is well-known for being both a great beginner strain for those who are new to marijuana and a favourite among those who are more experienced due to its distinct taste and aroma. Cookies and Cream has a tangled genetic history, with it’s origins coming from the legendary Girl Scout Cookies. It’s most recent ancestors are a loose hybrid between the Starfighter strain and an unknown Girl Scout Cookies phenotype. Cookies and Cream flowers have been routinely discovered with THC concentrations ranging from 20% to an astonishing 25%.




Although Cookies and Cream can lean sativa or indica depending on the pheno, it gives an excellent balance of intellectual and physical benefits. The high from this strain builds gradually, starting with dizziness and progressing to full body relaxation. Rather than being analytical and focused, the mental effects of this strain appear to be more mood-related. Euphoric sensations, as well as increased sensory perception, may occur. These hallucinogenic sensations are accompanied by a weightiness in the mind and limbs that, while not completely incapacitating, does leave smokers feeling a little sluggish. The goal here is complete relaxation, supplemented by a kind of dreamy mental stimulation. The semi-narcotic properties of Cookies and Cream make it an excellent medical strain for a variety of physical illnesses. Even in tiny quantities, aches, pains, and soreness can be relieved. In higher quantities, this flower can also be used to treat insomnia, lulling smokers into a deep, restful slumber.


Unsurprisingly, Cookies and Cream is well-known for it’s flavour and aroma. Cookies & Cream is hauntingly similar to the ice cream flavour from which it gets it’s name, with exceptionally sweet overtones on both the tongue and the nose. The vanilla flavour is more nuanced than the robust, powerful vanilla bean found in some ice creams – it is considerably more comparable to the vanilla found in quality whiskey aged in oak casks, if you can believe it. Furthermore, it has a back note of earthy richness that leads many people to believe that Cookies and Cream is on a whole new level.

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