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Skywalker marijuana is a balanced hybrid that is a blend of Masar and Blueberry. It is the brainchild of Dutch Passion Seed Company, a well-known Amsterdam lab that has successfully made another delightfully mellow strain. It is sometimes confused with the popular Skywalker OG strain – but experienced users say the ‘original’ version is much better. It has a THC level that can range from a low of 15% to a high of 23% and is an even 50/50 indica-sativa split, however the effects are far more indica leaning.




While Skywalker is typically labelled as ‘balanced’, it does have indica-leaning effects that become obvious as your body and mind experience a sense of tranquilly. It’s also a reasonably simple strain to grow, which adds to it’s charm. A feeling of bliss quickly sets in, which, although not always leading to couch-lock, will usually leave a user feeling a little lethargic, if not drowsy. This strain is excellent for relaxing as the other cerebral benefits follow, elevating and making users extremely cheerful. The body high that comes with these effects is moderate compared to certain pure Indicas, but it is nonetheless numbingly intense, as is Skywalker’s munchies influence. It is frequently the medication of choice for individuals dealing with stress, anxiety, or insomnia. Skywalker isn’t too useful for severe or extreme pain, but it may help with minor aches and pains.


The Skywalker marijuana strain has a strong scent that may quickly fill a room. It has a lovely scent that reminds you of a field of blueberries, and the luscious sweet aroma will make your mouth water. The fragrant impression foreshadows the delectable taste encounter to come. First of all, the sweet blueberry flavour is noticeable almost immediately. Because of it’s incredibly distinct flavour, experienced users could choose Skywalker out of a line-up in a blind taste test. When smoking this strain, pinecone notes can be found among the fruit, and there is just enough spiciness to give this strain a bit of a punch.

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