Cypress OG

If you’re a hip-hop enthusiast, you definitely already have a Cypress OG on your cannabis bucket list. Produced by Bank Cannabis Genetics in Colorado, this strain is the result of a cross between OG Kush and an unknown strain. No one knows what her exact hybrid ratio is, but Cypress OG seems to be more indica-dominated as she can be a slightly sedative bud.

All About Cypress OG


This sleepy-time green comes in at a decently high THC level of 20% with every test done; consistency is key with Cypress OG. The nugs have a dark green tint with fine trichome coverage that is sticky to the touch with resin. A sweet note will dance along your tongue, but Cypress OG is mostly a savoury and powerful blend of earth and pine.

Tolerance can be complicated when it comes to cannabis, and those who are more sensitive may want to clear their schedule for the day before smoking this strain. Cypress OG has extremely calming benefits on both the body and mind, yet it also makes you feel exceptionally content as you drift off into a trance. Those who can handle their high will appreciate smoking this strain shortly before a social event, as it can aid to enhance events such as listening to music or viewing a movie. Most people get a strong case of the munchies after a time, and if you haven’t fallen asleep yet, you’ll want to snack on everything in your pantry, so be sure to stock up!

There is some good news and some negative news about home growing. The Bank Cannabis Genetics allows its seeds to be sold at partnered businesses so that consumers can enjoy this bud in their own garden, but it appears that only Colorado residents have access to them at this time. Time for a road trip!

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