The Romulan cannabis strain is one of the more unique varieties available. It has an earthy, herbal, and pungent smell with a sour-sweet taste upon smoking. This strain is known to provide relaxing effects that can provide relief from stress, headaches, and pain. The THC levels are quite high, ranging between 15-20%, making it an ideal choice for those seeking strong effects. The buds tend to be on the larger side and have bright orange pistils throughout its green surface covered in white trichomes.

All About Romulan

This indica-dominant hybrid is most commonly associated with the legendary Star Trek species, but it actually originates from Vancouver Island in British Columbia. The exact genetics of this strain are unknown, but it is believed to be a cross between the Afghan and an unknown original strain.

Romulan cannabis can produce some intense psychoactive effects that tend to last for hours on end. Its high THC content is responsible for its strong cerebral and physical effects, such as relaxation and pain relief. Some users have also reported feeling energized after consuming this strain, making it great for those seeking a boost in creativity or motivation. The aroma of Romulan cannabis is quite unique, with notes of earthy herbs, diesel fuel, and skunkiness combined with a subtle sweetness.

Despite being quite potent, this strain isn’t known to induce couch-lock or extreme drowsiness like other strains may do.


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