Dream Queen

There are times when cannabis strains are appropriately titled. Other times, one questions what exactly the breeders were thinking. With the name of this strain in mind, you might imagine that it is specifically developed to help you sleep. In actuality, this strain is more likely to increase your focus and energy levels; although the Dream Queen strain’s name is clearly derived from a cross of it’s parents’ names, Blue Dream and Space Queen. The buds of this strain contain up to 15% THC and are a stronger sativa leaning strain, with a 70/30 split.




Despite it’s relatively low THC content, Dream Queen is a strain that produces a fast-acting high, which some users find unexpected. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid that provides a cerebral buzz that often results in a significant mood boost. For up to an hour, users report feeling almost spaced out. You may notice that your energy levels increase for a brief period of time. Dream Queen is primarily sativa, however it can provide a modest body high. Dream Queen is suitable for usage during the day and relieves stress, anxiety, and depression. It also aids in the relief of minor chronic aches and pains. Dream Queen can help with nausea and increase appetite. It can also aid in the reduction of fatigue.


The Dream Queen strain’s aroma is an enticing earthy and flowery combination. The delicious aroma of sugary candy, on the other hand, is what really draws users in. The enticing fragrance foreshadows what to expect when smoking Dream Queen. It has a delicious bubblegum flavour that is difficult to resist. Dream Queen is one of the best-tasting strains available, owing it’s fame to the candied and citrus overtones.

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