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Earthquake is a Sativa-dominated hybrids with powerful and long-term effects. Little is known about this mysterious breeder or lineage, but the strain balanced appeal to consumers is clear. The quake also stuffs fragrant punches with pine and diesel flavors. The THC content of the strain is measured between 17% and 23%. Earthquake buds have a solid indica structure, and the leaves bend firmly inward towards the central stem. The actual leaves are a mixture of dark green and light green, with curly pistils. Finally, a translucent white trichome blanket covers the buds’ inner and outer corners and gaps, explaining the potency of the strain.

All About Earthquake

When properly cured, Earthquake cannabis flower give off a fresh and soothing scent of pine needles. When an earthquake is burned in a pipe or joint, it creates aromatic smoke. This heavy smoke carries a diesel-like taste like pine flavour when you exhale.

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