East Coast Alien

East Coast Alien has roots deep within their genetics of Alien OG and East Coast Sour Diesel. An intense array of flavors and beautiful effects are this Sativa-dominant bud`s claim to fame. Ideal for users of all experience levels, East Coast Alien brings a gentle THC average of 18% to your life. Buds are downright pretty with a soft mint green color that mirrors trichomes of the same shade and fuzzy orange pistils. The fuel may hit your nose early in your experience, but you exhale out a smooth mint and forest taste.

All About East Coast Alien

Although technically higher on the Sativa side, East Coast Aliens quickly stuff the double pain of effect. Users will soon notice a powerful brain lift that lifts the mood to a height of euphoria. Medical patients looking for a new strain to try will likely love what East Coast Alien offers. Given that East Coast Alien works to elevate your mood with ease, those who deal with stress and depression are given a huge helping hand.

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