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How rare is it that you’ll taste your favourite soft drink in a marijuana strain? That may sound unlikely to soda fans, but think again. The Ginger Ale strain is a hybrid between Cinderella 88 and Café Girl, two very distinct and rare strains. Ginger Ale is a 50/50 hybrid and a highly potent cannabis strain recognized for it’s intense effects. It’s THC level ranges between 20 and 25%, and it’s mostly indica effects are extremely sedating. This strain should come with a strong warning label; it is not for rookie smokers.




When you want to completely disconnect from the world and get stoned at the same time, Ginger Ale should be your go to. A word of caution, though, for anyone about to take a hit of this enigmatic bud: clear your calendar. Couch lock does not even begin to explain your physical state during this experience, and while you will be happy and giggly emotionally, your body may not agree. Some users report a burst of inspiration when using this bud, but being able to do anything about it is a completely different story. Because Ginger Ale is such a hypnotic strain, folks who suffer from insomnia can take a few hits before bed and be sleeping peacefully in no time. This strain, which is mostly used to treat bodily pain such as headaches, muscle pain, and more, can be something you look forward to after a hard day at work.


Given the strain’s name, it stands to reason that it has a predominantly ginger scent. This, however, is not the case. It has more of a flowery, slightly tangy scent rather than the overt spiciness of ginger. Only until you split open the blooms do you notice the strong ginger fragrance. You truly get to appreciate the full power of this buds flavour after splitting open the flowers and starting to smoke. The dominant flavour is a distinct sweet and spicy flavour that tastes like, well, ginger ale! The smoke is peppery and floral, immediately reminiscent of this strains namesake.

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