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Purple Trainwreck

If you’re looking for a pick-me-up, look no further than the Purple Trainwreck strain. Purple Trainwreck is also known as ‘Granddaddy Wreck,’ however contrary the name, this strain boosts your mood and stimulates your mind. In other words, if you are a trainwreck, this strain is your new best friend. This strain was developed by the Humboldt Seed Organization and is a hybrid of Trainwreck and Mendocino Purps, giving it a potent THC level of up to 26%. Purple Trainwreck is a potent marijuana strain with 50/50 sativa and indica genetics that is classified as a ‘well-balanced’ hybrid.




The name ‘Trainwreck’ gives you a good indication of what to expect. Purple Trainwreck, much like a high-speed train, is extremely potent and fast-acting. However, instead of falling into a dreamy stupor, you will feel energized and ready to go. Purple Trainwreck is largely recognized as one of the best ‘social’ strains available. It makes you feel a little energetic at first, and then calms you down perfectly. Users frequently find themselves being more chatty than normal, and they sometimes have random spouts of laughter for no reason. You feel peaceful and relaxed after experiencing an extraordinary surge of bliss. Furthermore, your attitude is greatly elevated, to the point that you are optimistic and positive about virtually everything. There are few better strains on the market if you need something to lift your spirits.


Users will fall in love with the strain’s beautiful, sweet aroma, which can fill a whole room with a mouthwatering herbal and fruity odour. There are undertones of fresh oak and grape, as well as a strong berry scent. Purple Trainwreck users will also love the powerful botanical flavour, with hints of berry and sweet grapes. When you exhale, the woody and sweet flavours linger on your tongue long after the smoke has dissipated. Purple Trainwreck’s wonderfully sweet and herbaceous aftertaste allows you to relish it for just a little bit longer.

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